Chasing the Dream of Youth, Growing Up with FIXMAN Together

My name is Ying Kun. In August 2018, I formally joined FIXMAN.


My name is Ying Kun. In August 2018, I formally joined FIXMAN.
Fixman focus on professional tools in automotive, construction, industrial, and home field.
Fixman provide a variety product range including roller cabinets, mobile workbench, cordless power tools, hand tool sets, and individual professional hand tools.
A strange environment, a strange colleague, and a workflow process that I was not familiar with. Later, with the careful training and help of company leaders and department leaders, everything made me quickly adapt to work. Inadvertently, I have been working for FIXMAN for a period of time, during which I have laughed and been discouraged. I grew up with FIXMAN.
At work, my position is ordinary, but I will do my best to accept every job and work hard to complete every task. Because work is a stage to show your talents. The knowledge we have studied hard, our resilience, our determination, our adaptability and our ability to coordinate will all be displayed on such a stage.
Apart from work, no activity can provide such a high degree of self-fulfillment, self-expression opportunities, such a strong sense of personal mission and a reason to live. The quality of work often determines the quality of life. Everything we do is fighting for our own growth, our own ideals, our own future, and our success. And it is precisely FIXMAN that provided me with a stage to display my talents.
Ibsen once said: What you plant when you are young, what you harvest when you are old. As an employee shortly after joining the company, I plant the seeds of hope here, and I will water it with a lifetime of hard work.
I believe that if you are willing to take responsibility for growth, then the company will create opportunities for you to grow; if you treat various matters in the company with a positive attitude and whole-hearted efforts, then the spiritual will and working ability will be in the company’s Improved in development.
Lei Feng once wrote in his diary: “If you are a drop of water, do you nourish an inch of land? If you are a ray of sunlight, do you illuminate a bit of darkness? If you are a grain of food, have you nurtured useful Life? If you are the smallest screw, do you always stick to your post? “This sentence tells us that no matter what position you are in, no matter what kind of work you are doing, you must exert your maximum ability to do Make the greatest contribution.
Today, when we re-examine the meaning of this passage, we find that it has been given a deeper meaning, that is, dedication and selfless dedication. To love and cherish the post you are in and to give and dedicate to the work you are engaged in is the true essence of love and dedication. Dedicated work is the embodiment of social responsibility and a realm of doing things. Responsibility is not big or small, high or low, in his or her position, doing his duty, and loving his job, is to do his best to contribute.
I remembered an ad saying that it was good: the bigger the heart, the bigger the stage. And FIXMAN is the big stage for each of us.
When we each entered this collective, we were like a toddler. From here, we started an important stage of our life. We need to have a correct attitude, A kind of calm and grateful heart, use the enthusiasm for work to ignite the enthusiasm for work, and this enthusiasm is not just an external manifestation, it is from the heart, from the love of your own work and the true love.
We can only realize from the bottom of our hearts that while we are working for others, we are also working for ourselves, for our own ideals, and for our own value. Corresponding material remuneration also better reflects its own life value.

Post time: Apr-09-2020
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