The Advantages of FIXMAN products

We are professional tool manufacturer since 1995. Our brand, Fixman is the leading brand in tool field. FIXMAN focus on professional tools in automotive, construction, industrial, and home use field. 


We are professional tool manufacturer since 1995. Our brand, Fixman is the leading brand in tool field. FIXMAN focus on professional tools in automotive, construction, industrial, and home use field. At present, FIXMAN registered in 138 countries and areas and sell to 60 countries and areas. We provide a variety product range of over 6,000 items and there are more than 1,000 global network stores that are selling different kinds of FIXMAN Products.


One. Socket and accessories series

1. The mercury matte surface is chrome-plated, the total thickness of the electroplating layer is not less than 6um, the appearance is uniform in color, exquisite and beautiful, and superior in anti-rust ability;

2. Special knurled design, effectively increase friction, good anti-skid ability

3. Focus on the plum blossom inner hole, as shown in the picture

4. Circular arc inner angle design, as shown in the figure

5. Use high-quality chrome vanadium steel to ensure the overall torque and hardness: when the hexagonal or twelve-corner side size of the sleeve is less than or equal to 32MM, its hardness value is not less than HRC39; when it is greater than 32MM, its hardness is not less than HRC35

Two, ratchet wrench

1. High-quality raw materials: CRV material is selected to ensure the overall torque value; Note: The hardness of the square rod of the transmission accessory is not less than HRC39

2. Satisfy small occasions: the 72-tooth ratchet head design is adopted, which can better meet the operation in small spaces;

3. Humanized design: It has the function of quick falling off, making it easier to make, and it has dual steering control keys, which is convenient for one-handed operation;

4. Comfortable hand feeling: unique two-color handle design, ergonomic, beautiful and generous, and comfortable hand feeling;

5. Appearance: no cracks, rust and obvious burrs on the surface,

6. Taiwanese craftsmanship

Three. Wrench (Combination Wrench, Double Ring Wrench, Open End Wrench)

1. Unique non-slip pattern design, which is both beautiful and can effectively increase friction;

2. Surface treatment: chromite matte surface treatment, wear resistance and corrosion resistance

3. German design style, not only exquisite appearance, but also suitable for small space operations

4. Wave structure (dual-purpose and plum blossom): The wave structure enables the wrench to jam the screw under any circumstances, even if the wear of the screw exceeds the allowable range; the force surface is the side of the nut, which effectively protects the corners of the nut; The contact surface with the nut is greatly increased due to the waveform structure, so that the pressure can be evenly distributed to maximize the effect of the force

5. (1) 75° angle bending neck design: (Plum) is suitable for special environment use, and adopts thin-walled design, which is convenient for operation in narrow spaces

6. High-quality chrome vanadium steel with special process treatment, hardness greater than 39HRC

(2) Torx end 15° angle design (dual-purpose wrench)

(3) The opening is 15° (open-end wrench)

7. The shape is ergonomic, without sharp edges and corners. 8. The cross-section design is reasonable, even if the hand is full of oily dirt, it can be firmly held

Four, adjustable wrench

1. Surface treatment: chromite matte surface treatment, wear resistance and corrosion resistance; 2. European design: (α = 15°), flexible and convenient to use;

3. Readable measurement value with millimeter scale 4. High quality chrome vanadium steel forging, super torque, durable

5. The handle is covered with soft rubber, which is comfortable to the touch and beautiful in appearance

Five, screwdriver series

1. Material: chrome vanadium steel blade, polypropylene thermoplastic handle 2. Surface treatment: chrome-plated anti-rust treatment, black hardened blade

3. Good shape: the head of the tool bar is precisely machined, the size is in line with ISO standards, and is blackened and magnetized to fully fit the screw size, which can effectively prevent the tool head from slipping off the screw and can be adsorbed Screw.

4. Stronger than the inside: chrome vanadium steel toolholder, the toolholder is chrome-plated after heat treatment, which has higher strength, strong rust resistance and longer service life.

5. Feeling in hand: The handle section adopts a triangular design, which can transmit higher torque and is not easy to slip. It can also effectively prevent the screwdriver from rolling on a flat surface. There are no grooves and other textures on the whole body, which will not give dirt a chance to hide. Easy to clean; the handle fits well to the hand, and it is covered with high-grade elastomeric plastic, which is very comfortable to use and relieves palm fatigue.

Six, through the heart handle screwdriver

1. Material: chrome-molybdenum steel blade, polypropylene thermoplastic plastic handle; 2. Surface treatment: chrome-plated anti-rust treatment, black hardened blade; 3. With a hexagonal neck sleeve, shank with metal percussion head 4. Others Refer to general screwdriver

Seven, inner hexagonal series

1. Using chrome vanadium steel material, the surface is electroplated with matt chrome

2. Soft folding plastic frame, easy to carry

Eight, hammers

1. After the hammer head and the hammer handle are assembled, epoxy resin is used to fill each gap. After the resin is solidified, the hammer handle and the hammer head are almost connected together, which is not easy to break and fall off, providing better safety.

2. The handle is treated with a three-layer encapsulation: the outermost layer is made of elastomer material, which is more comfortable to hold; the second layer is made of polypropylene material and is formed by a two-color process, which can not only absorb the vibration generated by the knock, but also take into account the aesthetics. ; The inner core adopts reinforced glass fiber, which improves the strength of the hammer handle and is not easy to break.

3. The hammer head is forged with high-quality chrome vanadium steel. It is hard to imagine that rough forgings can become so exquisite. Every process reflects our meticulous work attitude. What is unique is reflected in these subtleties.

4. The hammer head adopts a segmented heat treatment process, the hardness of the striking surface reaches HRC52~58, and the hardness of the mating area between the middle section and the handle is HRC35~46. Only in this way can the hammer surface have sufficient hardness, but it will not be due to the hardness. Too high will cause brittleness, and in severe cases, the hammer will fall off and cause injury.

Nine, punching

1. VR-V material; 2. Elastomer handle, non-slip and comfortable; more powerful grip, more stable when knocking.

3. Segmented heat treatment: HRC36~43 at the tail knocking end, and HRC55~60 at the punch, which can better absorb impact and prevent breakage.

Ten, utility knife

1. Ergonomic soft handle, avoid sliding and comfortable to hold; 2. Built-in blade, blade hardness 60HRC

3. Unique injection-molded handle, no burrs, clear printing, and comfortable grip; 4. The blade is flexible and easy to use

11. Aviation Scissors

1. Forged chrome vanadium steel cutting edge, cutting capacity: stainless steel plate: 80kg/mm²:-semi-hard steel plate: 1.2mm

2. The labor-saving design of the long force arm, which can be used for a long time, reduces the fatigue; 3. The labor-saving design, with a plug-in opening spring;

4. The cutting edge has tiny serrations to avoid relative displacement with the workpiece;

5. Ergonomic design, dual-material non-slip handle; 6. With blade locking device

12. File

1. T12 steel material, high carbon content, moderate wear resistance and hardness

2. Elastomer handle, comfortable grip

13. Industrial wire cutters

1. Using 60CR-V material, precision forging and numerical control processing, to ensure the precision of jaws and clamping surface, fully meet the demanding requirements of industrial grade;

2. German style, the clamp head is smaller, which can meet the use of more narrow spaces; the blackening and fine grinding process more highlights the industrial-grade texture;

3. The non-cylindrical hinge can still fit tightly after a long time of use, so there is no need to worry about the loosening of the cutting edge and the working surface due to the gap caused by wear, which will affect the use;

4. The cutting edge undergoes laser quenching treatment, and the hardness reaches HRC60-62, which is superior to the shear performance obtained by traditional induction quenching, and is more labor-saving and durable;

5. The protruding neck hump and the wide shank tail can control the pliers whether it is pulling or pushing in use, and will not cause damage to the palm of the hand due to slippage;

6. The tail end of the pliers handle increases the width and the contact area with the palm. It can reduce the pressure on the palm when applying force. Long-term use in high-strength industrial work can effectively relieve hand fatigue and strain;

7. Ergonomically designed handle, plus elastomeric handle, comfortable grip

14. Tool cart

Fixman FIXMAN series tool trolley is a tool trolley independently developed and produced by Jiejie Company. It adopts international advanced design concepts, conforms to ergonomics, has a novel and generous appearance, practical and durable, and has completely passed the European Union’s safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly CE Certification can effectively provide a series of storage solutions for families, industrial and mining enterprises, factories, and automobile 4S shops.

1. The international advanced design concept is more in line with ergonomics, the only one in China, and it is beautiful. High-end quality, mid-range price, good quality and good price, high consumer acceptance, conducive to market promotion.

2. Three-time unique injection molding work surface: PC, PP, TPE three-time injection molding table, the table has higher strength and more corrosion resistance, heavier load, and the table is smooth and clean, and it is easier to wipe oil stains; the handle is made of soft plastic injection molding, more It conforms to ergonomics, feels comfortable, anti-skid and more resistant to cracks, bears horizontal force, and is also convenient to lift over obstacles.

3. Aluminum alloy handle: The ultra-wide aluminum alloy handle feels comfortable and has a higher grade; PVC transparent strips and paper tapes can clearly indicate the storage tools in the drawer, which is convenient and quick to store and access. Conducive to the orderly management of tools and improve work efficiency.

4. DIY drawer combination: The large, medium and small three drawers can be replaced freely, and the tool drawer type can be freely configured according to the actual needs of each household. Among them, 2 small drawers can be replaced with 1 medium drawer, and 3 small drawers can be replaced with 1 large drawer. The flexible DIY drawer combination gives customers more choices.

5. Extra-large diameter PU wheel: quiet, anti-static, more cold-resistant, more corrosion-resistant, and more convenient to jump over small obstacles; the wheel core adopts ball bearings to increase service life and ensure high load-bearing capacity; wheels are fixed by bolts, which is convenient for customers Disassembly and replacement; equipped with 2 fixed wheels and 2 universal wheels (one of which is with brake).

6. TPE soft plastic protective strip: It protects the tool cart and the hit surface from being damaged easily. It protects itself and others at the same time. It is helpful to reduce the maintenance cost of customers due to the collision of the tool cart.

7. Integrated welding bottom plate: The bottom plate adopts integrated welding technology, and is equipped with 2 reinforced beams to ensure the effective load-bearing capacity of the whole vehicle is 400 kg. Note: The overall load-bearing capacity of the tool cart depends on the integrated main frame and reinforced beams, and has nothing to do with side panels, back panels, etc.

8. Mesh hanging boards on both sides: tools can be hung, and a wealth of accessories can be configured to expand the use space and functions of the tool cart. Fully develop and utilize the use space of tool carts to improve work efficiency and quality.

9. Tubular central locking system. The tubular lock is more resistant to breaking than ordinary flat locks, and the side installation can prevent accidental breaking, effectively using space and not affecting the drawing of the first drawer.

10. High-efficiency load-bearing drawers: each small drawer can carry 25 kg, medium drawers can carry 35 kilograms, and large drawers can carry 40 kilograms; each type of drawer can be equipped with partitions to manage objects in a more orderly manner. This load-bearing is the safest and most reasonable national standard load-bearing. In fact, it can bear more than twice the weight, but it will affect the service life of the guide rail.

11. Superimposed ball sliding rail: It has excellent smoothness and prolongs the service life; the extended extension distance (extended total length 802mm) enables the drawer to be fully opened, and it is convenient to access the contents in the drawer.

12. Anti-tip self-locking system: each drawer is equipped with an independent ABS self-locking buckle (the inner core lock lever is made of PC material) to prevent the drawer from accidentally sliding open during the movement of the tool cart, ensuring safe use.

13. Abundant extended functions: Fixman FIXMAN series tool carts can be equipped with tool cart accessories produced by Jiejie, including small storage tables, trash cans, bottle racks, folders, etc. The full-featured accessories can make it move The work cart is quickly transformed into a workstation, which enhances the use of functions and makes on-site management more orderly.

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