Socket Wrench Set Key Attributes Guide

Nowadays, it’s very easy to find all kinds of Socket Wrench Sets either in a hardware store or a online shop platform ranging from mini to extra large size, from dozens of dollars to even $1000+. However, overmuch choices may also confuse the customers.


Nowadays, it’s very easy to find all kinds of Socket Wrench Sets either in a hardware store or an online shop platform ranging from mini to extra large size, from dozens of dollars to even $1000+. However, overmuch choices may also confuse the customers.


So, this article will introduce some common Socket Wrench Set Key Attributes which FIXMAN takes into consideration when FIXMAN Socket Wrench Sets are designed.

1. Socket Drive Size


Different socket drive sizes are for different uses. The larger the size of the socket drive, the larger the driving torque. It is mainly used for heavy-duty work projects with open space; on the contrary, the smaller the size of the socket drive, the smaller the torque that can be driven. It is mainly used for home repairs and small appliances.


Therefore, the size of socket drive is an important element of a socket wrench set because it determines the design use of this set. For example, some tool sets that want to cover most uses will have 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" full size sockets at the same time. Such a large set is convenient while bringing increased cost and lower portability in the meanwhile. Furthermore, users will also consider the waste of repeated purchases of the same size, etc. Therefore, the balance will be the key.

2. The Number of Socket


Although all the socket wrench sets display the number of tool piece in the product name and title, number of tool piece doesn’t definitely conduct the valuable information. More tool piece may not mean it’s better. Because the number of tool pieces refers to all tools, including small tools such as small screwdrivers and bits. So this number need to be reevaluated by observing how many sockets are included. Usually, the more sockets there are, the more sizes the tool set covers, and the less likely the user cannot find a suitable socket when needed. However, to balance again, it doesn’t mean the more sockets, the better, since the cost and portability need to be considered too.


In addition, deep sockets are necessary for some specific equipment or mechanical maintenance, which are rare; therefore, they are necessary tools for more professional people. Usually, if the number of tool sets is small, it will tend to choose short sets instead of long sets. If the long and short sockets are mixed, the size of the cover of this long socket will be considered first to fit some common nut sizes, because the common nut sizes are usually used in deeper screw holes.

3. Ratchet


A proper ratchet wrench will give users a good experience, so at least a durable ratchet wrench is a must-have in a socket wrench tool set. How to choose the proper ratchet? Key points as follows:

US ANSI standard or German DIN standard

Number of Teeth

Quick Release Structure

Handle Design

You can find more details in article “How to choose the proper drive socket set wrench ratchet?”

4. Bits, Bits Socket, Screwdriver


Usually socket wrench sets are not equipped with screwdrivers, but bits, because screwdrivers are expensive and not as effective for the fact that the head of the screwdriver cannot be used as long as it is worn to a certain extent and then the entire screwdriver must be discarded. But the screwdriver only needs to be replaced. Bits sockets are often used in mechanical equipment maintenance or automobile maintenance, especially bits sockets of different lengths


Philips, Pozi, Slot, Hex are the most common ones and it is recommended to prepare multiple sizes. These tools are basically required in any workplace

5. Storage Box


 For the storage box of a socket wrench set, there are generally 2 types, iron box and blow molding box. And between them, blow molding box is more common. Here are some features of blow molding box that need to be paid attention to:

Can all tools fit in just well. Neither will it fall off with a shock, nor will it take a lot of effort to pull it out

Plastic buckles or metal buckles. Plastic buckles are easy to break after prolonged use, while metal buckles are more durable

Whether the upper and lower parts are connected by plastic, that is, one-piece. Or use stainless steel as the connection between the upper and lower plastic boxes. The upper and lower covers are also easily broken during long-term use

An elaborate design of box appearance to achieve both durability and beauty


Just like how FIXMAN TIGER and DIAMONDS series box become classic

Dr. Socket Set 25pcs 1/2’’ FIXMAN


FIXMAN 25pcs 1/2’’ Dr. Socket Set is a wonderful set of strong sockets, different kinds of handles and a straight ratchet handle to give you the maximum efficiency. This 25-piece set is designed with superior CR-V material to increase the torque and unique hardness of the tool, Ideal for professional and occasional use of all fastening and repair work, equipped with the most common 1/2" socket wrench set.


Specification of FIXMAN 25pcs 1/2’’ Dr. Socket Set

Item No.: B4025M
1 x Ratchet Handle: 1/2’’ Dr.
2 x 1/2’’ Dr. Extension Bar: 125, 250mm
1 x Universal Joint: 1/2’’ Dr.
1 x Sliding Bar: 1/2’’ Dr.
2 x Spark Plug Socket: 1/2’’ Dr. 16mm&21mm
18 x 1/2" Dr. Socket: 10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-27-30-32mm
Qty/CTN: 3 sets
Gross weight: 14.8Kg
Carton size: 380x290x265mm

Features of FIXMAN 25pcs 1/2’’ Dr. Socket Set

•Ergonomic design for a more comfortable and enjoyable working experience.
•High-quality CR-V material with heat treatment ensures more precise performance and minimal wear.
•Special micro-chromed coating provides scratch, rust and corrosion resistance.
•72 gears, each equipped with a 5 degree drive.
•Quick release knob with forward and reverse switch, easy one-hand operation.
•The soft and flared handle provides a firm and comfortable operation with less effort.
•A unique and beautifully designed storage box, all tools are organized and tidy. Heavy structure, portable to any place. 


Application of FIXMAN 25pcs 1/2’’ Dr. Socket Set

FIXMAN Socket Set is widely used in automobile machinery quick repair, mining, metallurgy, shipbuilding, electric power, telecommunications, electronics and other industries, complete configuration.

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