"From Quality to Value, from Sincerity to Eternity"

FIXMAN firmly believes that only by maintaining an 

unwavering spirit of continuous progress can we provide users 

with the ultimate tool usage experience and build a 

century-old tool brand.


Steadfast Character - Make Durable Tools

From a single tool, to developing into a one-stop solution provider, from humble beginnings to becoming a domestic leader, and then expanding overseas to reach the world, each step of this journey has been filled with immense challenges and hardships.

Exceptional Quality - Build Century - old Brand

The team persists in independent research and development, collaborating with universities in industry-academia research partnerships. From material selection and processing techniques to the forging process, they uphold a craftsmanship approach.


Honesty and Integrity - Gain Long - lasting Trust 

From receiving the first overseas order to having stable partners, FIXMAN adheres to integrity; from the introduction of the ‘F1’ series roller cabinet to achieving a comprehensive range of tool products, FIXMAN never forgets its original mission.

Gratitude Heart – Bearing Social Responsibility

FIXMAN actively participates in environmental conservation and public welfare initiatives, urging its partners to collectively embrace social

responsibility as a means of conveying gratitude and care.

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