"Growing Together"

Collaborate for success with FIXMAN. Discover our commitment

to mutual growth through comprehensive support policies for

distributors and agents, including training programs, promotiona

gifts, and unwavering after-sale service.



Our support policies are crafted to foster long-term partnerships, Numerous companies have grown together with FIXMAN for 10+ even 20+ years, this is the very power of cooperation.


From store concept design to promotion gifts; from the poster on the street to setting in exhibition; from activity sponsorship to advertising on social media. FIXMAN’s partners never get disappointed by our various and powerful market support.


Service and Support

“Comprehensive Service for Your Success: Our Commitment to Support”

1. After-sale Service

1. After-sale Service:

"Our commitment extends beyond the sale. Dedicated support channels ensure that you receive the assistance you need when you need it."

2. Free Sample and Spare Parts

2. Free Sample and Spare Parts:

"We understand the importance of uninterrupted operations. Benefit from free sample and spare parts to keep your tools in optimal condition."

3. Brand Promotion Gift

3. Brand Promotion Gift:

"As a token of appreciation for your partnership, we provide exclusive brand promotion gifts to boost your marketing efforts."

4. Regular Tools and Distribution Training

4. Regular Tools and Distribution Training:

"Equip your team with the latest product knowledge and sales strategies, ensuring a competitive edge in the industry."

5. Tools Warranty:

"Invest with confidence. Our tools come with a lifetime warranty for hand tools and 18-month warranty for power tools, showcasing our commitment to quality craftsmanship."

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