"Our Quality Control Experts Ensuring Precision"

Immerse yourself in precision and reliability. Explore our unwavering

commitment to quality control, where every tool undergoes rigorous

testing, ensuring excellence that exceeds industry standards

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Committed to

All the premium material we use like double-layer heavy duty steel topline CR-V of our tools, ensure precision and performance that exceeds industry benchmarks.


Step into our state-of-the-art facilities where innovation and quality converge. Our cutting-edge and fully automatic equipment and skilled experts ensure that each tool meets the highest standards.

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Rigorous Testing

Each FIXMAN tool has passed Rigorous tests, including material analysis, hardness assessments, dust resistance trials, and lifecycle evaluations etc.


A variety of professional certifications speak for our quality.
Take the lead in passing international quality system certifications such as GS, TUV, CE, VPA, ISO, etc.

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