FIXMAN 12pcs Bi-Metal Hole saw R1655

The FIXMAN 12pcs Bi-Metal Hole saw is a professional-grade cutting tool featuring a dual metal construction combining the hardness and wear resistance of M3 teeth with the flexibility and durability of an alloy steel body, offering exceptional performance and versatility across a wide range of materials, enhanced by precision tooth geometry, compatibility with standard arbors, and user-friendly features for accurate hole creation and extended tool life.

Item No R1655
Size 9pcs 19,22,29,35,38,44,51,57,64
2pcs 1/2”-20UNF
1pcs Adapter

Bi-Metal Construction: Combining M3 teeth bonded to a flexible alloy steel body, providing an optimal balance of cutting efficiency, durability, and resistance to heat and wear.

Precision Tooth Geometry: Strategically designed tooth pattern with a high tooth count per inch (TPI), ensuring smooth and rapid cutting action, effective chip evacuation, and reduced heat generation, preventing workpiece damage and prolonging blade life.

Standard Arbor Compatibility: Equipped with a universal arbor interface that readily fits most power drill chucks and quick-change systems, facilitating easy and secure attachment to a wide array of drilling equipment.


The FIXMAN 12pcs Bi-Metal Hole saw is a versatile cutting tool suitable for a wide range of applications, making it an essential companion for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

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