FIXMAN 3pcs Straight Flute Step Drill Bit Set R1907

The FIXMAN Straight Flute Step Drill Bit Set is a tool set specially designed to meet the needs of users to quickly and accurately switch holes of different diameters. It is characterized by its linear spiral groove design, which can effectively and continuously drill multiple holes of different sizes. The hole diameter greatly improves work efficiency and is widely used in multi-specification hole production scenarios for home DIY enthusiasts, professional technicians and various engineering projects.

Item No. R1907
Size 4-12mm*1

One-step multi-hole diameter: This type of step drill bit integrates the drilling functions of multiple diameters into one. Users can drill holes of different diameters in one operation without frequent replacement of drill bits, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Self-centering function: Straight edge step drill bits often have a self-centering taper tip design, which facilitates positioning at the beginning of drilling and prevents the drill bit from slipping, ensuring accurate hole positioning.

Durable material: Usually made of high-quality high-speed steel, which ensures that the drill bit has good wear resistance and high temperature resistance, thereby extending the service life.


The FIXMAN Straight Flute Step Drill Bit Set is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of drilling applications, making it an essential companion for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Application Area:

Concrete Drilling: Ideal for drilling into concrete, brick, and masonry, providing reliable and efficient drilling performance.

Stone Drilling: Suitable for drilling holes in various stone materials, including natural and artificial stone.

Tile Drilling: Perfect for drilling into tiles and ceramics, ensuring clean and precise holes.

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