FIXMAN 6-Drawer Roller Cabinet H1RM6

The FIXMAN H1RM6 6-Drawer Roller Cabinet is a robust and versatile storage solution designed for professionals who require a spacious and organized workspace. This Roller Cabinet offers ample storage capacity, advanced features, and a durable construction to provide a reliable and efficient workstation on wheels.

size Load
3xSmall drawers 533x391x58mm 25Kg
2xMedium drawers 533x391x128mm 35Kg
1xLarge drawers 533x391x128mm 35Kg
Size 125mm,2xFixed,2xCastors(1 with brake)
Cabinet weight 58Kg
Cabinet size 980x725x477mm
Apply to FIXMAN modular system
  • allows you to securely lock all the drawers simultaneously, preventing unauthorized access. The self-lock system ensures that the drawers stay securely closed during transport, eliminating the risk of accidental opening.
  • Side Panels: The roller cabinet features sturdy side panels that offer additional storage space and organization options. You can conveniently store frequently used tools or accessories within easy reach, maximizing efficiency and productivity.
  • Metal Top: providing a sturdy and reliable surface for various tasks. The metal top is resistant to scratches and offers a smooth work area, making it suitable for assembly, repairs, and other work activities.
  • Full Extension Ball Bearing Drawer Slides: The six drawers of the roller cabinet are equipped with full extension ball bearing slides. This feature allows the drawers to open fully, providing easy access to the contents and enabling efficient organization of tools and equipment.
  • Heavy Duty Wheels: The roller cabinet is fitted with heavy-duty wheels, enabling smooth and effortless movement across various surfaces. The robust wheels ensure stability during transport, making it easy to maneuver the cabinet within your workspace.
  • Anti-Shock Protection: To protect the contents of the drawers, the roller cabinet is designed with anti-shock protection. This feature helps prevent damage to tools and equipment, even when the cabinet is in motion or subjected to impact.

The FIXMAN H1RM6 6-Drawer Roller Cabinet is ideal for a wide range of professional and industrial settings. Its durable construction and advanced features make it suitable for mechanics, technicians, engineers, and tradespeople who require a reliable storage solution for their tools and equipment. This roller cabinet is commonly used in automotive repair shops, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and maintenance departments. With its ample storage capacity, mobility, and secure locking system, it helps improve efficiency, organization, and safety in the workplace

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