FIXMAN 7-Drawer Mobile Workbench W1RM7(F5)

The FIXMAN W1RM7(F5) 7-Drawer Mobile Workbench is a versatile and sturdy storage solution designed for professionals in need of a reliable and functional workspace. This mobile workbench combines ample storage capacity, advanced features, and a durable construction to provide an efficient and organized workspace on wheels

size Load
4xSmall drawers 533x391x58mm 25Kg
3xMedium drawers 533x391x128mm 35Kg
2 Floor shelfs(partition height can be adjusted)
Size 160mm,2xFixed,2xCastors(1 with brake)
Cabinet weight 85Kg
Cabinet size 1130x570x1000mm
Apply to FIXMAN modular system.
  • Extended Large Space: The mobile workbench offers an extended large space, providing ample room for storing tools, equipment, and materials. This generous storage capacity allows for better organization and accessibility of your essentials while working.
  • Metal Top: The workbench features a durable metal top, providing a sturdy and reliable surface for various tasks. The metal top is resistant to scratches and offers a smooth work area, making it suitable for assembly, repairs, and other work activities.
  • Central Locking and Self-Lock System: Equipped with a central locking mechanism, the workbench allows you to secure all the drawers simultaneously, providing enhanced security for your tools and equipment. The self-lock system ensures that the drawers stay securely closed during movement, preventing accidental opening.
  • Side Panels: The workbench features convenient side panels that offer additional storage space and organization options. These panels provide quick access to frequently used tools and accessories, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
  • Full Extension Ball Bearing Drawer Slides: The seven drawers of the workbench are equipped with full extension ball bearing drawer slides. This feature enables the drawers to fully extend, allowing for easy access to your tools and optimizing organization within the workbench.
  • Heavy Duty Wheels: The workbench is equipped with heavy-duty wheels, providing smooth mobility and maneuverability. These sturdy wheels allow you to move the workbench effortlessly across various surfaces, making it easy to position it wherever it’s needed in your workspace.
  • Anti-Shock Protection: The workbench is designed with anti-shock protection to safeguard the contents of the drawers. This feature helps prevent damage to your tools and equipment, even during transportation or accidental impacts.

The FIXMAN W1RM7(F5) 7-Drawer Mobile Workbench is an ideal workspace solution for professionals in various industries, including mechanics, carpenters, electricians, and more. It is well-suited for automotive repair shops, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and maintenance departments.

This mobile workbench provides a versatile and organized workspace, allowing you to efficiently complete tasks and access your tools and materials with ease. Whether you need a solid surface for assembly, ample storage space for tools, or a mobile workstation for various projects, the FIXMAN W1RM7(F5) 7-Drawer Mobile Workbench offers the durability, functionality, and mobility required to enhance productivity and efficiency in your work environment

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