FIXMAN 7-Drawer Roller Cabinet F5RP7

The FIXMAN F5RP7 7-Drawer Roller Cabinet is a high-quality storage solution designed for professionals seeking reliability and functionality. This roller cabinet offers exceptional durability with its full double layers of heavy-duty steel construction. It provides ample storage space, advanced features, and convenient mobility to enhance organization and efficiency in the workplace

size Load
4xSmall drawers 704x400x58mm 25Kg
1xMedium drawers 704x400x128mm 35Kg
Size 125mm,2xFixed,2xCastors(1 with brake)
Cabinet weight 80Kg
Cabinet size 932x530x966mm
Apply to FIXMAN modular system.
  • Central locking system: allows you to securely lock all the drawers simultaneously, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Heavy duty wheels: 125mm diameter for easy crossing of obstacles.Two fixed wheels and two castors with brake.
  • Full Extension Ball Bearing Drawer Slides: All drawers on telescopic full-extension ball-bearing slides open and close easier as load increases.
  • Full range accessories available.

The FIXMAN F5RP6 6-Drawer Tool Chest is suitable for a variety of professional applications, including automotive repair shops, construction sites, maintenance departments, and more. It is particularly beneficial for professionals who require a compact and portable storage solution for their tools.

This tool chest allows you to keep your tools organized and easily accessible. With its operator identify card availage,tool modular identify,central locking system, it offers a convenient and flexible storage solution. Whether you need to transport your tools to different job sites or want to enhance organization in your workshop, the FIXMAN F5RP6 6-Drawer Tool Chest provides the durability and portability you need to streamline your work processes.

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