FIXMAN 7-Drawer Roller Cabinet M1RM7

The FIXMAN M1RM7 7-Drawer Roller Cabinet are premium storage solutions designed for professionals in various industries. These Drawer Roller Cabinet offer exceptional durability, versatility, and organization capabilities. Crafted with high-quality materials and equipped with advanced features, they provide a reliable and efficient storage solution for a wide range of tools and equipment

size Load
4xSmall drawers 533x391x58mm 25Kg
3xMedium drawers 533x391x128mm 35Kg
Size 100mm,2xFixed,2xCastors(1 with brake)
Cabinet weight 42Kg
Cabinet size 766x465x958mm;
Apply to FIXMAN modular system.
  • Side Panels: Full double wall construction feature two full layers of heavy duty steel provide strength and durability. Side perforated panels provide an extension tools and accessories placed.
  • 3-section Slide Rails: 3-section ball bearing slide rails on all drawers, smoother and quieter when pull out the drawers.
  • Handle Design: The drawer handle with excellent appearance and great durability.
  • Universal Wheels:With universal wheels, one wheels among of them with brakes, no damage to the floor.

The FIXMAN M1RM7 7-Drawer Roller Cabinet is an ideal workspace solution for professionals in various industries, including mechanics, carpenters, electricians, and more. It is well-suited for automotive repair shops, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and maintenance departments.

This Roller Cabinet provides a versatile and organized workspace, allowing you to efficiently complete tasks and access your tools and materials with ease. Whether you need a solid surface for assembly, ample storage space for tools, or a mobile workstation for various projects,the FIXMAN M1RM7 7-Drawer Roller Cabinet offers the durability, functionality, and mobility required to enhance productivity and efficiency in your work environment

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