FIXMAN Aluminum Alloy Folding Hand Truck Z1406

The FIXMAN Aluminum Alloy Folding Hand Truck is a powerful assistant for transporting goods. Its foldable design make it easy to carry and the aluminum alloy structure makes it stronger and more durable.

Item No. Z1406
Max. Expanded Dimensions 395x420x1000MM
Folded Dimensions 390x60x635MM
Nose Plate Size 390x280MM
Maximum Load Capacity 70KG
Wheels 5” TPR wheels

Aluminum alloy reinforced bracket: All aluminum alloy design, each place is a creative experience. Aluminum alloy shelf, aluminum thickened bottom plate, aluminum alloy triangle bracket and built-in steel pipe framework can make the truck more solid and durable.

Three level adjustable handle: Ergonomically designed three level adjustable handle can hold many different sizes of loads.

Folding hand cart: Lightweight industrial-grade trolley helps moving heavy objects. Save your back and carry things around with the right tool for the job. Perfect for use at home, office, business, travel or shopping. Let our rugged dolly do the heavy lifting.


The FIXMAN Aluminum Alloy Folding Hand Truck is a lightweight, durable, and portable utility cart designed for efficient material handling in various settings, particularly where space is limited, stairs are involved, or weight considerations are paramount.

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