FIXMAN Car Battery Charger Y2801

The FIXMAN Car Battery Charger is a high-efficiency, smart charger for automotive batteries, utilizing advanced technology to swiftly rejuvenate batteries, ensuring safe and stable charging, providing your vehicle with powerful starting capability anytime, anywhere – effortlessly eliminating the worry of dead batteries.

Item No. Y2801
Output voltage 6V/12V
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Max. current 10A
Applicable Battery Capacity 6V 12-32Ah/12V 20-48Ah

CE certification: assuring you of its compliance with rigorous safety and performance standards for reliable, efficient charging.

Current display: FIXMAN car battery charger is equipped with an ammeter to monitor the output current at any time to ensure charging safety.


FIXMAN Car Battery Charger is perfectly suited for swiftly restoring power to vehicles in need, whether SUV, a busy family’s minivan, or a commercial fleet’s trucks, ensuring seamless operation on every journey.

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