FIXMAN Handheld Welding Machine Y2501

The FIXMAN Handheld Welding Machine is a versatile and efficient welding marvel, offering precise welding performance with the convenience of portability. Operating at an input voltage of 220V and a frequency of 50Hz, this welding machine boasts a power range of 2500-2800W, ensuring robust and consistent welding results. With a power factor of 0.73 and an impressive 85% efficiency, it optimizes energy usage, making it a reliable and eco-friendly choice. The FIXMAN Handheld Welding Machine is built to withstand tough conditions with its H-class insulation and IP21S protection, making it the go-to welding tool for professionals and DIY welders on the move.

Input Voltage  220V
Frequency  50Hz
Power 2500-2800W
Power Factor 0.73
Efficiency 85%
Insulation  H
Protection  IP21S
  • Powerful 2500-2800W Output: The handheld welding machine’s high power output ensures precise and reliable welding performance on a variety of metals and thicknesses.
  • Efficient Power Factor and Energy Usage: With a power factor of 0.73 and an 85% efficiency rate, the welding machine maximizes energy usage, reducing operational costs.
  • Robust Insulation and Protection: The H-class insulation and IP21S protection ensure safe and reliable operation in demanding environments, providing longevity to the machine.
  • Portable and Handheld Design: The compact and handheld design of the welding machine offers excellent portability, making it suitable for on-site welding tasks and projects with limited workspace.

The FIXMAN Handheld Welding Machine is a go-to welding tool for various applications, catering to professionals and DIY welders who seek precision and portability.

Application Area:

  • On-Site Welding: Perfect for welding repairs and maintenance tasks on construction sites, pipelines, and machinery where portability is essential.
  • Metal Fabrication: Ideal for creating joints and welds in metal fabrication projects, ensuring strength and durability in various structures and components.
  • DIY Welding Projects: Empowers DIY enthusiasts to take on welding projects with ease, from metal artwork to custom furniture and small repairs.
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