FIXMAN Hydraulic Bottle Jack Y2312

The FIXMAN Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a versatile, portable and powerful lifting tool that utilizes hydraulic pressure to lift heavy loads safely and efficiently, typically found in automotive repair, construction, and industrial applications, featuring a compact design with a hydraulic cylinder encased within a sturdy metal body for stability and durability.

Item No. Y2312
Lifting capacity 50T
Maximum Height 480MM
Minimum Height 300MM
Lifting Height 180MM
Net Weight 29.5KG

Hydraulic System: Equipped with a high-pressure hydraulic system that enables smooth and precise lifting of heavy objects by converting small force applied at the pump handle into amplified force capable of raising substantial weights.

Adjustable Height Range: A long stroke length allows for a wide range of height adjustments, ensuring compatibility with different lifting requirements.

Sturdy Construction: Made from robust, high-strength steel material for enhanced durability and reliability, capable of handling heavy-duty tasks without deformation or failure.


The FIXMAN Jack stand suitable for automotive repairs to construction, industrial machinery lifting, and household tasks, featuring adjustable height, robust steel construction, and built-in safety mechanisms for secure and efficient operation.

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