FIXMAN Machinist Hammer

FIXMAN Machinist Hammers are produced using drop-forged polished steel to be durable as long as possible. Other than that, the non-slip rubber grip handle provides a firm, non-slip grip that allows superior driving and impact absorption.

Item No.  C0201, C0202
Size  300g, 500g
L  300mm, 330mm
H  105mm, 115mm
A  23mm, 27.5mm
B  23mm, 27.5mm
  • Ideal for setting bricks, cement blocks and shavings.
  • Ergonomic design for a more comfortable and pleasant work experience.
  • High-quality carbon steel head and an ergonomic, straight Integrated fiberglass handle, which provides strength and durability long, sharp chisel on one side.
  • Fiberglass handle, The soft handle with a flared end ensure a firm and comfortable operation, reduced vibration and slipping, the exclusive tempered rim reduces the risk of chipping.

FIXMAN Machinist Hammer is used for rounding the edges of metal pins and fasteners and giving shape to the metal

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