FIXMAN Metal Plastic Tool Box Z0103

The FIXMAN Metal Plastic Tool Box spacewith flat top offers new innovation in storage options. This flexible platform allows different combinations; all units can stack on top of each other and able to connect with durable side latches for easy carrying and safe stacking. This unit can be used for storage of corded and cordless tools and features a removable tray for access to essential tools. Heavy duty metal latches and hinges are built for durability.

Size 365(W)x205(L)x155H)
  • High-capacity storage space.
  • The rubber coating handle,hand feel and drape, stronger load-bearing.
  • Storage area humanization design, storage of small things.
  • Stainless steel lock buckle more firmer, safer and durable.

The FIXMAN Metal Plastic Tool Box is reinforced with metal, suitable for most application scenarios, with a large space capacity, which can accommodate most tools and is easy to carry.
the FIXMAN Metal Plastic Tool Box offers the durability, functionality, and mobility required to enhance productivity and efficiency in your work environment

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