FIXMAN Multifunction Saw Blade Set R3407

The FIXMAN Multifunction Saw Blade Set is a comprehensive collection of variously sized and tooth-designed saw blades, tailored to handle diverse cutting tasks across materials including wood, metal, plastic, and tile, offering a versatile and efficient cutting solution for a wide range of applications. Including Oscillating Tool Blade, Segment Saw Blade and Oscillating Sanding Pad.

Item No. R3407

Oscillating Motion: Unlike traditional rotary sanders, oscillating sanding pads move in small, rapid back-and-forth or circular motions. This action minimizes the risk of gouging the workpiece and provides a more controlled, even finish.

High quality material: Universal and quick release power oscillating sanding pads are made of carbon steel backing plate, hook and loop backing, which can be easily and quickly attached to and removed from the sander. The material is resistant to high temperatures, so the hook and loop will not melt and separate easily.


The FIXMAN Multifunction Saw Blade Set is ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, tackling diverse cutting projects from woodworking to metal fabrication, plastic molding to tile installation, ensuring precise and efficient cuts every time.

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