FIXMAN Plastic Tool Box Z0108

The FIXMAN Plastic Tool Box offering rich tool tray options meet your various demand.They have transparent lids for immediate recognition of contents,made of polycarbonate, non-borken and less worn.This unit can be used for storage of corded and cordless tools and features a removable tray for access to essential tools. Lid secures the inner compartment ensuring that the parts remain in place during transport.

Size 390(W)x220(L)x190(H)
  • High-capacity storage space.
  • Durable and comfortable handle.
  • Storage area humanization design, Storage of small things.
  • Plastic lock buckle.

The FIXMAN Plastic Tool Box is suitable for most application scenarios, with a large space capacity, which can accommodate most tools and is easy to carry.

The FIXMAN Plastic Tool Box offers the durability, functionality, and mobility required to enhance productivity and efficiency in your work environment

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