FIXMAN Segment Saw Blade R3403

The FIXMAN Segment Saw Blade is a high-performance cutting tool equipped with diamond or carbide cutting teeth, specifically designed for efficient and rapid cutting of hard materials such as stone and concrete.

Item No. R3403

Durable Cutting Segments: They incorporate segments made of diamond or tungsten carbide, which are extremely wear-resistant and durable, allowing for extended use on tough materials.

Efficient Cutting Performance: Designed to deliver fast and precise cuts in hard materials like concrete, brick, stone, and even reinforced concrete, reducing cutting time and increasing productivity.

Coolant Compatibility: Many segment saw blades can be used with water or other cooling fluids to further reduce heat and dust, enhancing blade performance and minimizing material damage.


The FIXMAN Segment Saw Blades are versatile cutting tools utilized across industries such as construction, masonry, and landscaping for efficiently slicing through hard materials like concrete, stone, and brick, with their durability and precision making them indispensable in numerous professional applications.

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