FIXMAN Y1102 Pressure Washer

The FIXMAN High Pressure Washer is a dynamic and reliable cleaning companion, designed to obliterate stubborn dirt and grime with ease. With a working pressure of 60-70Bar and a maximum pressure of 105Bar, this high-pressure washer delivers precise and powerful cleaning performance. Powered by a 1400W carbon brush motor, it ensures optimal efficiency for various cleaning tasks. With a working flow rate of 5.2+/-0.4L/Min, you can achieve remarkable cleaning results quickly. The FIXMAN High Pressure Washer transforms the way you tackle cleaning projects, making it a must-have tool for both residential and commercial use.

Working Pressure 60-70Bar
Max Pressure 105Bar
Working Flow 5.2+/-0.4L/Min
Motor Type Carbon brush
Motor Size 1400W
Voltages / Frequency 220V/60HZ
  • High-Pressure Cleaning: With a working pressure of 60-70Bar and a maximum pressure of 105Bar, this pressure washer effectively dislodges dirt, mold, and grime from various surfaces.
  • Powerful 1400W Carbon Brush Motor: The high-pressure washer is equipped with a robust 1400W carbon brush motor, providing optimal power and efficiency for thorough cleaning.
  • Precise Flow Control: The working flow rate of 5.2+/-0.4L/Min allows you to adjust the water flow as needed, enabling targeted and efficient cleaning without wasting water.
  • Versatile Voltages / Frequency: Operating at 220V/60Hz, the pressure washer is suitable for various power outlets, ensuring convenience and compatibility in different regions.

The FIXMAN High Pressure Washer caters to a wide range of cleaning applications, making it an invaluable asset for homeowners, gardeners, and professionals in various industries.

Application Area:

  • Home Exterior Cleaning: Effortlessly clean driveways, sidewalks, decks, and fences, restoring their original beauty and removing built-up dirt and grime.
  • Car and Vehicle Wash: Achieve a sparkling clean finish on cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles, leaving them looking fresh and well-maintained.
  • Garden and Patio Cleaning: Blast away debris, mud, and algae from garden furniture, patio surfaces, and outdoor equipment, revitalizing your outdoor spaces.
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