FIXMAN Claw Hammer

FIXMAN Claw Hammer is specifically designed with slight curved claws for the best performance in nail removal. The head of this hammer is made out of the drop forged polished steel to guarantee the long service life and maximum strength. It uses a non-slip rubber grip handle to provide a slip-free grip for better performance in different tasks

Item No.  C0101- C0103
Size  8oz, 12oz, 16oz
L  295mm, 325mm
H  100mm, 122.5mm, 132mm
A  23mm, 27.5mm, 30mm
B  39mm, 44mm, 48.5mm
  • Ideal for the professional carpenter as well as for domestic use.
  • Ergonomic design for a more comfortable and pleasant work experience.
  • High-quality carbon steel head and an ergonomic, straight Fiberglass handle that provides strength and grip.
  • Fiberglass handle, The soft handle with a flared end ensure a firm and comfortable operation, reduced vibrations and slips, the exclusive tempered crown reduces the risk of flaking material of the workpiece.
  • The curved claw and the smooth surface makes the hammer make work safer and more convenient, especially when inserting or removing nails.

FIXMAN Claw Hammer is perfect tool for construction, minor maintenance, building, woodworking, home repair, extracting or removing nails, hanging household items, etc.

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