FIXMAN Single Wheel Dump Truck Z1403

The FIXMAN Single Wheel Dump Truck is a compact, highly maneuverable utility vehicle, ideal for transporting and unloading bulk materials in tight spaces or rough terrain. Its robust construction and oversized single wheel offer unmatched versatility and efficiency in construction, agriculture, and various industries.

Item No. Z1403
Load 120KG
Water capacity 58L
Sand capacity 5(CBF)
Wheels 13”x3” PU solid wheels
Tray thickness 0.5MM
Bucket size 775x490x250MM
Body size 1320x540x500MM

Optimized Stability: Despite its singular wheel, the dump truck maintains exceptional stability during operation. A carefully engineered center of gravity, along with advanced balancing mechanisms, ensures that the vehicle remains steadfast even when fully loaded or performing dynamic maneuvers. 

Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of demanding tasks, the dump truck boasts a rugged, corrosion-resistant frame and heavy-duty components. The loading bed is constructed from high-strength materials, providing ample capacity for various types of loads while maintaining structural integrity over time. 

User-Friendly Controls: Designed with operator convenience in mind, the FIXMAN Single Wheel Dump Truck incorporates intuitive control interfaces and ergonomic layouts. Allows operators to precisely manage the vehicle’s movements and unloading processes with ease, even under pressure or in confined spaces.


The FIXMAN Single Wheel Dump Truck is a versatile and agile material handling solution ideal for confined, challenging spaces and precision tasks across industries such as construction, agriculture, mining, and warehousing.

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