FIXMAN Open Reel Fiberglass Tape Measure

The FIXMAN Open Reel Fiberglass Tape Measure is a robust and long-reaching tool designed for durability and precision in a variety of measurement tasks. Crafted with high-quality materials, this tape measure is ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking reliability in challenging environments.

Item No.  G2501-2502
Size 30m, 50m
Weight  710g, 800g
Qty/CTN  10pcs
  • Durable Fiberglass Construction:
    • Built to Last: The tape measure’s fiberglass construction ensures durability, making it resilient in various work conditions.
  • Open Reel Design:
    • Long Reach: The open reel design allows for extended reach, making it suitable for measuring longer distances with ease.
  • Clear and Easy-to-Read Markings:
    • Precision Measurement: Featuring clear and easy-to-read markings, the tape measure ensures accurate measurements even for longer distances.
  • Sturdy Reel Handle:
    • Easy Retrieval: The sturdy reel handle provides a comfortable grip and facilitates smooth retrieval of the tape for efficient use.
  • Non-Slip Grip:
    • Enhanced Control: The non-slip grip ensures a secure hold, offering superior control and reducing the risk of accidental slips during use.

The FIXMAN Open Reel Fiberglass Tape Measure is a versatile tool suitable for longer-distance measurements, making it an essential companion for professionals in construction, surveying, and other fields.

Application Area:

  • Construction and Surveying: Perfect for measuring longer distances on construction sites and during surveying tasks, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Landscaping: Ideal for landscaping projects where longer measurements are required for layout and planning.
  • Outdoor Projects: Suitable for various outdoor projects that demand precise measurements over extended distances.
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