FIXMAN’s Triumph at the 135th Canton Fair

In the bustling heart of Guangzhou, where commerce converges from every corner of the globe, the 135th Canton Fair witnessed a spectacle of innovation and business prowess. Amidst the array of exhibitors, FIXMAN, a leading name in the realm of international tools and equipment, stood out as a beacon of quality and reliability.

With a strategic outdoor advertising position, FIXMAN’s presence was impossible to miss. A towering poster outside the main building and a prominent banner suspended in the main hallway declared their commitment to excellence. These visual statements not only attracted curious onlookers but also reaffirmed FIXMAN’s stature as a trusted brand in the industry.

But FIXMAN’s success at the Canton Fair wasn’t merely confined to its advertising endeavors. It was a testament to the enduring relationships forged with both longstanding partners and eager newcomers. The bustling booth became a hub of activity, as old friends reunited and new connections were formed.

The highlight of FIXMAN’s participation was undoubtedly the live demonstration showcasing their latest offerings. From power tools to hand tools, tool storage solutions to safety equipment, FIXMAN left no stone unturned in exhibiting their comprehensive product range. Attendees were treated to firsthand experiences, gaining insights into the quality and performance that define FIXMAN’s products.

Captured in vibrant photographs are the moments of camaraderie and collaboration that epitomize FIXMAN’s journey at the 135th Canton Fair. Group photos with satisfied clients and enthusiastic team members serve as visual testaments to the success achieved and the bonds strengthened.

As the dust settles on yet another edition of the Canton Fair, FIXMAN emerges victorious, with a treasure trove of memories and a wealth of new opportunities. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction continues to set the benchmark for the industry, reaffirming FIXMAN as the go-to choice for international tools and equipment.

With sights set on the horizon, FIXMAN embarks on the next chapter of its journey, propelled by the momentum gained at the Canton Fair. As they bid farewell to Guangzhou, their legacy of quality, innovation, and camaraderie remains etched in the annals of international trade.

About Us

The FIXMAN brand was founded in 2006, and its parent company Ningbo Jiejie Tools Co., Ltd is a group-oriented enterprise specialized in tools research and development, manufacturing and sales, which was founded in 1995.

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