Important Features to Look for in A Roller Cabinet

In this article, let’s talk about some features of a storage roller cabinet that are nice to have.

One of the most important features of your garage is the available tool storage. Without enough tool storage, you will never be able to keep your tools organized. It is much easier for tools to come up missing when they lack a dedicated space for storing. It is also much more difficult to complete projects when you have to spend 30 minutes searching for one specific tool. If your garage currently has little or no tool storage, it is time to start looking at your options.

Important features to look for in a roller cabinet1

However, among thousands of different roller cabinets in tool market, to find the right one can be a challenge. So let’s talk about some features of a roller cabinet that are nice to have.

1.Material of the Roller Cabinet

Although some roller cabinets look alike, they are actually just a layer of iron wrapping with four wheels added. They are not really roller cabinets. Cheaper roller cabinets are made of poor quality metal. The brass is really thin. Good roller cabinets are made of double-layer high-quality cold-rolled steel or stainless steel.

2. Wheel and BrakeThe size of the wheel matters.

The 7-drawer roller cabinets on the market generally use 2.5-inch wheels, while the better roller cabinets will use 3.6-inch heavy-duty wheels. At the same time, the diameter and thickness of the wheels will be increased to ensure that the weighing capacity of the body is stronger and more stable; Furthermore, together with wheels, having the brakes on means additional working comfort. You can easily leave the chest at any point in the garage and be sure it stays there. This eliminates the risk of the chest’s moving around the garage. And if you lock the castors, you can rest assured it stays there. Even if the floor is not even in the place.

Important features to look for in a roller cabinet2

3.Tool Trays

In terms of tool trays, some general roller cabinets may not have; some may have with only a thin layer of plastic film. On the other hand, good roller cabinets will be equipped with high-density foam pads specially used for cushioning. Both practical and wear-resistant. As for the tools, professional roller cabinet manufacturers usually provide all kinds of tool modular for clients to choose from. Like FIXMAN, presents Blow Mould Case and XPE Foam 2 styles of material with hundreds of different tool modular. Customization is also available in FIXMAN to meet clients’ special need. 

Important features to look for in a roller cabinet3

4.Protective corners

Good roller cabinets come with protective corners, made of perforated rubber. Why is that so important? They keep the chest safe from potential damage. Also, the perforated rubber protects the surfaces that the chest hits against.


Locking system is a criteria cannot be neglected. High quality roller cabinets are usually equipped with a central lock to keep all the drawers locked and lock bars to stop drawers from sliding out and lock the tool box 

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