How Long is the Life of a Lithium Battery?

How long is the life of lithium battery? This is the question of many users. Usually, we only know how many times a lithium battery can be recycled. However in practical use, we find the value is greatly reduced.

Can lithium-ion batteries only be charged and discharged 500 times? I believe that many people have heard that the life of a lithium battery is 500 times of charging and discharging. Does it really prolong the life of the battery if it is charged when the battery is completely exhausted? Not really. The life of a lithium battery is “500 times”, which does not refer to the number of charges, but a cycle of charge and discharge.

A charging cycle means that all the power of the battery is used from full to empty, and then from empty to full, which is not the same as charging once. For example, a lithium battery only used half of its capacity on the first day, and then fully charged it. If it is still the same the next day, that is, charge half of it, and charge it twice in total. This can only be counted as one charging cycle, not two. Therefore, it may usually take several charges to complete a cycle. Every time a charging cycle is completed, the battery capacity will decrease a little. However, the power reduction is very small. High-quality batteries such as FIXMAN Batteries will still retain 80% of their original capacity after being charged for many cycles. Many lithium-ion powered products are still used as usual after two or three years. Of course, lithium batteries still need to be replaced after the end of their life.

Therefore, we can also understand that the life of a lithium battery is related to the total charging capacity of the battery, and has nothing to do with the number of charging times. The impact of deep charging and shallow charging on the life of lithium batteries is not much different.

Actually, shallow charge&discharge may be more beneficial to lithium batteries. Only when the power module of the product is calibrated for lithium batteries, it is necessary to deep discharge and deep charge. Therefore, products powered by lithium batteries do not have to be constrained by the process. Convenience first and it can be charged at any time without worrying about affecting the lifespan.

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