FIXMAN Direct-Driven Air Compressor

FIXMAN Direct-Driven Air Compressor has a large 50L tank with the maximum pressure of 8Bar/115psi and 2HP motor attached. Air is kept compressed in the tank. It operates at approximately 2850 RPM, so its tank can be filled with air at the minimum time, thus working seamlessly to deliver highly pressurized, high-energy compressed air for a range of job tasks or functions

Power input  2000W(3HP)
Rated voltage  220-240V~50Hz
Rated speed  2850r/min
Tank volume  50L
Cylinder  47mm
Max work pressure  8bar(115psi)
Air flow  195L/min
Qty/CTN  1pcs
Net/Gross weight  32/33Kg
Carton size  680x320x700 mm
  • 50 Liter tank combined with a 3HP motor provides plenty of power to cover a wide variety of applications
  • 8 bar maximum pressure stores sufficient air in the tank for continuous tool operation
  •  Thermal protector system controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working
  • Metal air filter results in better performance and higher efficiency

FIXMAN 50L Direct-Driven Air Compressor is great for Job Site/Construction work use of pneumatic air tools liek drills, saws, grinders and nail guns,also suitable for inflating high pressure tires on cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles and bicycle, sports balls and more,ideal for both indoor/outdoor use

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